Embracing Sensuality: A Conversation with Deborah Kagan

Meet Deborah Kagan Deborah Kagan is an author and mentor with years of practice being a turned-on woman. She supports entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, creatives and the career-oriented to tap into their innate power and connect with their mojo – a source of true self-esteem. Her methods combine over

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What Does Everyone Mean When They Say “Water Weight”?

It’s one of those expressions commonly misapplied as a balm to soothe frustrated dieters, sodium lovers, exercise fanatics, or health gurus.  But when it comes down to defining it, most people are at something of a loss.  Is it good? Is it bad? Aren’t we basically made of water – why

Alaska’s Tongass National Forest in Grave Logging Peril

Last week, the Trump Administration, prompted by a request from Alaskan state officials, proposed to roll back Clinton-era rules regarding construction and logging in nationally protected forests.

The 2001 Roadless Rule prohibits:

Road construction

Road reconstruction

And timber harvesting

Within any of the 58.5 million acres of inventoried roadless

How Can We Increase our Heart Rate Variability?

And why do we want to? In the West, we worry about heart disease. But in ancient belief systems – like Taoism and the tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – they worry about the heart in a different context. In Taoism,  equilibrium is achieved by nurturing the heart-mind – the balance between


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Finding Inner Peace: A Conversation with Elaine Glass

Meet Elaine Glass Elaine Glass, a visionary author and highly experienced Master Life Coach, is renowned for her transformative retreats tailored for women navigating intricate midlife transitions. Her book, GET QUIET, will empower you to get back to feeling like yourself again! Elaine’s path has been marked by significant leaps

Navigating the Maze of Nutritional Choices with Kristin Kirkpatrick

Meet Kristin Kirkpatrick Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, MS, author of Skinny Liver and upcoming book, Regenerative Health Kristin Kirkpatrick is a best-selling author, an experienced presenter, and an award-winning Dietitian. She is the President of KAK, Consulting, LLC, a dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic Dept of Department of Wellness & Preventive

The Power of Functional Medicine: A Deep Dive with Dr. Jeff Bland

Meet Dr. Jeff Bland Dr. Jeffrey Bland, World-Renowned Nutritional Medicine Expert , “father of Functional Medicine”, and founder of Big Bold Health, a company on a mission to transform the way people think about one of nature’s greatest innovations — the immune system. Through Big Bold Health, Jeffrey is advocating

Biohacking for Longevity: A Conversation with Dave Asprey

Meet Dave Asprey Dave Asprey is an award-winning entrepreneur and tech innovator known around the world as, “The Father of Biohacking.” He’s a multi-New York Times and national bestselling author of Game Changers, Head Strong, The Bulletproof Diet, and Smarter Not Harder, the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, and the host

Could Bringing Back Victory Gardens Pull Your Family Through Covid-19?



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Introduce a Few Tantric Principles Into Your Relationship

Tantra isn’t about sex – yes, you read that right. It can include sex, and the sex you have may be tantric… but the ideology itself is so much deeper and wider.  In Sanskrit, tantra means “web” or “to weave energy.” Tantra is about connection and fusion before it’s about

Physical Fitness to Get Your Gut Health in Gear

A lot can happen in 42 days.

Habits form, people fall in love, zucchinis grow.

And according to recent research, the bacteria in the gut microbiome changes after only 42 days — or six weeks — of exercise. That’s without changing your diet, medication, or anything else.


Physical Signs You’re Emotionally Overwhelmed

The health industry in the Western world is one of the strongest profit machines ever invented. Thanks to Nixon’s 1973 Health Maintenance Organization act, doctors, health insurance companies, clinics, and hospitals could begin to function for profit… And the diagnosis game was never the same.  Privatizing pharmaceuticals meant that emphasis

Habits to Amplify Your Dwindling Energy

If you’re like most stable, 9 in the morning til 5 in the evening, two hour daily commute Americans, the word “habit” is probably used most in terms of something you’d like to quit. Smoking… drinking… eating junk food…  For those forward-thinking progressive people intent on self-actualization, you may find


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Struggling to Sleep Without Western Aids? Hear from the East

If you’re worried and you can’t sleep…  Have a nightcap to unwind! Take some cough medicine. Eat a second helping. Pace the hallway. Squeeze your eyes shut. Give your social media one final scroll. Right? For a need that all humanity has in common, there are some pretty common misconceptions

How Sleepless Nights Affect Your Gut

It’s becoming common knowledge in scientific circles that our guts, or “second brains,” have a symbiotic relationship with almost every other system in our bodies. What this means is that the composition of your microbiome is not only influenced by your body’s systems… But that it influences them as well.

Your Sleep Troubles May Run Beneath Very Active Waters

Once upon a time, it seemed like everyone and their little brother was getting diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. You likely even remember them getting thrown onto a stabilizing regiment of pharmaceutical meth and terminally trying to be quiet in class. Over the years, public sentiment has wavered on attention





Dip Your Toes into Personal Finance with HYSAs

Burning the candle at both ends may temporarily add to your bottom line. But you’re working hard, not smart.

And since you hear so much in the news about recessions, crashes, corrections, bear markets,

Dr. Pedram Shojai

NY Times Best Selling author and film maker. Taoist Abbot and Qigong master. Husband and dad. I’m here to help you find your way and be healthy and happy. I don’t want to be your guru…just someone who’ll help point the way. If you’re looking for a real person who’s done the work, I’m your guy. I can light the path and walk along it with you but can’t walk for you.