Getting Better Sleep is the Key to Vitality

Sleep is essentially the Fountain of Youth. You can’t be healthy if you’re not getting it and if you’re really suffering with insomnia, you’re falling apart each week you don’t take steps to fix this issue.

Yeah, it’s that important.

Sleep helps repair neurons in the brain, helps replace dead or failing cells in the body, it helps rewire the brain connections, reset hormone balance, detoxify the body, and much more.

The essentials of sleep start with Sleep Hygiene. Before you get into pills and potions that people swear by, you have to make sure your bases are covered with these basic principles.

1- No Caffeine after noon – it’ll stay in your system and keep you cranked up for hours

2- Set a “deceleration” practice in the evenings to avoid overstimulation. I like firelight and candles.

3- No screentime- that means no TV, no devices, nothing with an artificial light blasting your pineal gland…that’ll stimulate your brain and keep you up

4- No bills or stressful activities in bed – the bedroom is for sleep and making love. Leave all else outside the chamber.

5- Plan your cycles around natural rhythms. Start to slow down as the sun is setting and wake up just before sunrise…it’ll take a while to adjust, but will sync your body with the cycles of nature all around you.

Will you be sleeping better immediately?

No. It’ll take some time to adjust so you need to stay patient with it.

That said- this IS the right answer regardless of how bad you’ve got it. Yes- there are other things you can do after you make these adjustments but, in my experience, people are asking for a quick fix and they skip over the vital first step which is sleep hygiene.

I’ve helped thousands of patients over the years with sleep. Many of whom were given custom herbal formulas to help close the gap and relax the brain a little better. After decades of this, I ended up making a blend that worked for most patients most of the time. It’s called “Relax and Unwind” and it’s a good option if you’ve tried most things and are still suffering.

Again, make sure you handle the 5 steps above first as that’s the baseline. From there, we have other options for severe insomniacs who need more help.

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