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Interconnected- The Power To Heal From Within

The microbiome is the vast ecosystem of bacteria, viruses, nematodes, and parasites that live within our bodies. New discoveries have taught us the vital importance of this internal ecosystem. It helps with every function of our lives and our use of antibiotics and drugs has had a negative impact on it.

This powerful 10 part series helps us discover the importance of the microbiome and teaches us how to eat, cook, move, and live in a way that supports it.

Take advantage of the next frontier of medicine: Naturally heal chronic disease, sharpen your thinking, and boost your immune system when you discover how to feed, nurture, and control your gut’s microbiome.

Take Advantage Of The Next Frontier Of Medicine:

Naturally heal chronic disease, sharpen your thinking and boost your immune system when you discover how to feed, nurture, and control your gut’s microbiome.

What Is The Microbiome?

It’s the vast community of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other lifeforms that live in our bodies that are our friends. In fact, science has recently learned that we couldn’t even function without them. We need them just as much as they need us. This understanding changes everything.

“Exhausted” explores the pervasive issues of fatigue, mental fogginess, and overall exhaustion that afflict many individuals in today’s society. The series delves into the various factors contributing to this epidemic, promising to uncover the hidden ‘energy thieves’ responsible for robbing individuals of their youthful vitality, leaving them dealing with chronic pain and fatigue that makes daily life challenging.

Episode 1 addresses the societal factors, such as exposure to negative news, stress from social media, and daily commitments that leave people feeling drained even before breakfast. Subsequent episodes tackle specific aspects, including the impact of food on energy levels, hidden dangers in so-called health foods, environmental toxins as energy thieves, and the importance of rebalancing hormones and caring for the gut microbiome. The series emphasizes actionable steps to regain energy, including lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, and practices like Qi Gong.

By featuring health experts and sharing personal stories, “Exhausted” aims to provide insights into the root causes of fatigue and empower viewers to take control of their energy levels and overall well-being.

“Trauma” addresses the profound impact of trauma on individuals, exploring emotional, physical, and societal aspects. The series emphasizes that true healing occurs when individuals learn to release the past and find hope again. It highlights the significance of self-compassion, acceptance, and unconditional love as crucial elements in restoring one’s well-being. With over 55 experts, including mental health professionals, military veterans, and chronic disease survivors, the series aims to demonstrate that healing from any trauma is possible.

There are nine episodes, each delving into different facets of trauma, including emotional trauma, physical trauma, and societal trauma. Viewers can expect to gain insights into the physiological signs of trauma, the impact on the nervous system, and how unresolved trauma can manifest in various aspects of life. “Trauma” goes beyond traditional therapeutic approaches, offering a holistic perspective on trauma healing and providing actionable solutions to address the collective pain of humanity. It ultimately encourages viewers to recognize and confront their trauma, offering hope for healing and a path towards reclaiming a more fulfilling life.


This docuseries explores the challenges of modern parenting. It aims to guide parents and children towards a more present and connected approach, focusing on building confidence, fostering curiosity, and creating a safe and loving environment. “Conscious Parenting” involves self-reflection, asking essential questions about beliefs and choices, and navigating a child’s emotional landscape. The series features experts, parents, and children sharing insights and experiences to support families through each stage of a child’s development, addressing topics like early childhood development, technology, education, and wellness strategies.

“Conscious Parenting” incorporates expert interviews and real-life stories to provide a comprehensive guide for parents seeking to navigate the complexities of raising resilient and empowered children in today’s world. The goal is to empower parents with tools and insights, fostering a conscious and connected approach to parenting that supports the well-being and development of both parents and children.

“Gateway to Health” emphasizes the crucial role of maintaining a healthy oral biome, with a focus on the interconnectedness of oral health to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. The series delves into various facets of oral health across eight episodes, exploring the link between oral hygiene and chronic illness, the role of oral bacteria, and the intricate connection between the mouth and the body. The series not only addresses common dental concerns but also provides practical tips for maintaining a healthy oral biome. Additionally, it sheds light on emerging technologies in dentistry, promoting a holistic approach to oral care and wellness.

Complementing the documentary are bonus materials and companion guides to support users in their journey toward a healthier oral biome. These resources aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of oral health and its broader implications for overall well-being. The emphasis remains on empowering individuals to take charge of their oral health through informed decisions and practices.

“Hormones, Health & Harmony” addresses common health issues faced by women, such as PMS, fatigue, and insomnia, and aims to unveil the secrets of hormonal health. With approximately 75% of women experiencing hormonal imbalances at some point in their lives, the series challenges the misconception that debilitating symptoms are an inevitable part of life. It emphasizes that disrupted hormones can significantly impact overall well-being and presents an opportunity for women to regain control of their hormonal health.

Featuring over 50 world-class experts in hormonal health, each episode provides valuable information and practical tips, challenging common misconceptions about women’s health, birth control, and aging. The docuseries encourages women to take an active role in their well-being, offering a transformative journey towards feeling alive, vibrant, and in charge of their health.

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