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Who's this guy and why should I care?

I was a Taoist monk for years under the study of a Kung Fu Master. I’m a doctor of Oriental Medicine who started one of the first Integrative medical groups in the early 2000s. I thought I was “fixing a broken system” only to realize the system can’t be fixed…it’s doing what it is designed to do…save lives.

The “sickcare” model works fine because it’s there to mend broken bodies.

Wellness, optimal health, longevity, and vitality are not part of the conversation because they fall under a completely different lens. I felt like I was working in the MASH unit patching up a never ending stream of people with no end in sight. If only I could see these folks several years BEFORE, I could radically transform their lives for the better.

So I left that game.

I began consulting for companies- essentially eradicating the need for doctors like me downstream. I began writing books and making films. Why? Because we were losing the propaganda war.

Health is all about lifestyle.

Vitality is about how we live.

I now have 8 books in 30 langauges and am a New York Times Best Selling Author. I’ve produced over a dozen films and series about health and have helped countless millions of people get healthier. I’m proud of this.

But here’s why this website exists.

In all of my wandering and interviewing of the world’s top experts, I came to a profound realization and “came full circle” on all of my yoga, meditation, and mindfulness roots.

True health begins with a still mind and pure heart.

Pure health is tied to nature.

Pure health is a state of being that radiates from one’s soul and spirit and permeates all we do.

That’s what I teach here. My temple trained practices that will “teach you to fish”.

If you’re looking for a guru to hand you the goods, you’re lost and assuredly in the wrong place.

I’m here to help you open your own eyes and take action of your own accord. I’m here to teach you the Way and then get out of your way.

I’m a busy film producer and CEO of a successful streaming platform. This is my passion project. I’m here to help anyone who’s willing to take the steps to help themselves. I’ve got the tools and the training and want to hand them to you. You need to own them yourself so you can stand tall and take ownership of your own life. Nobody can do that for you.

I can merely point the way.

Dr Pedram Shojai

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