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When I shifted my focus from clinical practice to media and education, I set out to put myself out of business. 

I wanted to do for people what doctors couldn’t: Follow them around and tell them about their own bodies so they could learn to prevent problems, not be forced to solve them once multiple systems had collapsed.

That’s what my friend Dr. Marvin Singh does too – he runs Precisione Clinic, which offers a highly individualized approach to health, wellness, and longevity based on your unique genes and biomes.

But he’s also a pioneer in the field of integrative gastroenterology. That means he has an incredibly deep well of knowledge regarding the bacteria living in our bodies.

He invited me onto his podcast so that we could talk about something we’ve both done a lot of work in…

The oral microbiome. 

Begin at the Beginning

My wife’s a dentist. In fact, tons of people in my family are dentists. I hear about how to care for your mouth all the time.

But I only woke up to its influence on whole body health pretty recently.

We swallow over a trillion bacteria a day – that’s normal!

When we let bad bacteria build up – through negligence in care or poor diets or any number of other factors – bad things start to happen. Our gums bleed. The bad bacteria in our mouths seep into the bloodstream. 

We’ve found oral bacteria in heart valves, in the uterus, inside the brains of people with Alzheimers. 

The thing is, these microbes aren’t necessarily evil. They just don’t belong anywhere but in the mouth.

And when our diets are out of line, our lifestyles are unbalanced, and we’re not taking an integrative view of our health, we get what I’m calling leaky mouth.

Sound familiar?

It’s a lot like…

Leaky Gut and the Oral Microbiome

We tend to forget, it’s all one tube from your mouth to your digestive tract. 

We have a whole lot of complex universes inside of us, but they don’t require terrifically complex management. In fact, most of them really want the same things to stay healthy.

Our new research is being modeled on ecology and forestry – the way that every living colony affects every other living colony.  

We just need to feed them the right things so that the good bacteria can manage the bad bacteria. 

Check out the podcast episode I did with Dr. Singh and find out what you need to do to foster a flourishing gut, starting with a flourishing oral biome.

Learn about the insidious effects of sugar, how periodontal disease can increase your chances of becoming diabetic, how alkaline foods help starve bad bacteria, dry mouth from Big Pharma pills, and so much more.

Plus, it’s free to listen to!

You might remember Dr. Singh from the series I released, Interconnected. We were lucky to have him as a featured expert because of his groundbreaking work in fine-tuning our approach to medicine. 

Filming that series and learning everything I learned about our own unique bacterial and genetic expressions led me to develop the Gut Healing Master Class. 

It’s a seven-week course designed to teach just how much influence your gut has in the body, and to help you get your gut back on track.

There’s so much we just haven’t been taught about the way our bodies’ function – don’t waste another second not knowing.

Give the podcast a listen and find out for yourself!

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