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Living in the modern world is hectic. There’s never enough time and we all want more energy. The problem is we don’t have time to go off and crash for weeks at a time so what do we do? How do we stay healthy, find peace, maximize time, and enjoy our lives?

Enter The Urban Monk.

I’m here to help YOU become one too.


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The Book

Filled with accessible and useful tips to help you get your life energized and aligned with your purpose, this book will go with you for years. It’s my no-nonsense approach to living a peaceful life in this crazy world. It’ll help you kick ass in life and stop making excuses.

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“Pedram is an amazing guy who is always bursting with energy and using it to help other people. I am in awe of how he manages to be a new father, a successful entrepreneur, and an amazing filmmaker, all well remaining calm, cool, and collected.”

– Dave Asprey, Founder, Bulletproof Executive

The Show

Interviews with amazing people who are working to make the world a better place. Let’s not waste time with small talk. The Urban Monk Show and podcast dive into the heart of current issues we all deal with. I love doing this show.
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“Is there anything this guy can’t do? Pedram Shojai creates powerful documentaries, books, and other groundbreaking information that empowers others to reach new levels in their health and personal lives. He’s a brilliant entrepreneur, philanthropist, recent dad, and all-around rock star.”

– JJ Virgin, Best Selling Author, “The Virgin Diet”


The Urban Monk 7-Day Reboot

I’ve taken the best stuff I’ve learned and taught over 20 years and put it into a FREE 7-day reboot that’ll help you get your life in order, boost your energy, conquer stress, and become a better you.
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