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Let’s Get Real with Practical Life Hacks

This is the book you’ve been waiting to read. Why? Because self help gurus drop all sorts of weird language and ask you to do strange things in order to follow their way. Not me. I’m here to keep it real and help you get out of trouble in your life right now. There’s no flowery language and no asking you to commit to things you don’t have time for. Let’s roll up our sleeves and free up some time, energy, enthusiasm, and abundance in your life.

I pulled no punches in this book. It will help you find more energy in your life and it’ll get you to think about where you maybe wasting time and energy as well. Let’s get real. Let’s step in and become Urban Monks in our own lives.

Get it dirty. Mark it up. Take it around with you. The book will designed to be your companion in a crazy, busy world. It’ll help you make better decisions and find peace in the parade of events that swarm your days.

Enjoy the book and pass it on to someone who you think may need it.

I’m here to support your personal growth.


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    Learning to dodge life's bullets is not easy. We weren't taught how to chill out in school and then we got a job. How can we deal with stress and find peace in life? I've got practical advice for you on this.

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    There's never enough of it and, when we take some for ourselves, we don't seem to get the same recharge or bounce that we used to. Let's delve into how to master time and use it to recharge, find peace, and take control of our life again.

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    You may be thinking, 'wow I used to have some.' Yeah there are lots of things and people that zap our energy in today's world. I'll show you how to take ownership of this and get your mojo back.

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    Yeah what happened to this stuff? Our ancestors got a lot more of it and we're suffering without it. I'll show you how to improve sleep quality and get more energy/repair time out of it.

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    Stagnant Lifestyle

    Move it or lose it. We all sit around too much and wonder why we don't feel well. An Urban Monk works movement into their day and keeps the energy flowing. It feels great and brings you to life.

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    Weight Gain

    Fad diets suck. Let's take a deeper look and heal the root cause of weight gain. Our relationship with food is something that's been tweaked in the modern world. Some ancient wisdom goes a long way here.

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    Disconnect from Nature

    When's the last time you hung out on a tree limb or sat in a meadow? Our relationship with nature helps charge our batteries and sooth our souls. I've got some practical tips to help you reconnect with the good stuff.

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    Being lonely

    How is it that we're lonely despite being surrounded by so many people? Why is it so hard to relate to others and get the love and acknowledgment we need? This chapter answers that and helps us open up and love again.

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    Money trouble

    Everything costs money and we're all stressed about the flow of the 'currency' in our life. Let's take a deeper look at what abundance is and how we can step into it. Making money by doing good for the world is the way of the new economy.

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    A Life with purpose

    What's this whole thing about anyhow? The Urban Monk has meaning, is driven to be a part of global solutions, and it a stable rock for their family and friends. How? I'll show you.


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What The Experts Are Saying

“We know that the healthcare crisis in the West can’t be fixed by pills. Lifestyle is the key. The Urban Monk elegantly lays out a balanced way of life that can not only bring us back to health, but help us relax and smile while we do it. I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to get healthy in our fast-paced world.”

– Mark Hyman, MD, Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Blood Sugar Solution

“Knowing that meditation is good for us isn’t enough. We need to practice it in our daily lives to actually benefit from it. The Urban Monk is a treasure, with many practical lifestyle hacks that can help you be happier and healthier.”

– Daniel G. Amen, MD, Founder, Amen Clinics and author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“Combining modern Western medicine and ancient Eastern wisdom, Dr. Pedram Shojai’s cutting-edge, easy-to-implement program helps you burn fat, boost energy, and optimize your life to become an urban monk even in the most stressed-out environment. Can’t recommend this one enough!”

– JJ Virgin, New York Times best-selling author, The Virgin Diet and The Virgin Diet Cookbook

“Written with page-turning verve, this book integrates ancient Taoist wisdom and modern brain science to offer hundreds of practical ways to feel better and do better right now. Funny, direct, and honest, Pedram Shojai feels like a trusted friend and teacher offering a full package of skillful means.”

– Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence

“Pedram offers a fresh and unique perspective on life in the modern world. He truly is an Urban Monk and his friendly style takes us all along for the ride. If you deal with stress, time constraints, and the challenges of a busy life, this book is a must-read.”

– Sara Gottfried, MD, author of New York Times bestseller The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet


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